Velocity Banking Accelerated Debt Reduction is the process of becoming debt free and

saving your hard earned income through usage of the credit system in the USA and this financial debt free tool, by using a credit line or a credit card.

Simple interest loans, paying compounded interest loans (Principal and Interest) and the illustration you see below, define the core power of this simple, yet powerful system.

Channeling your income into a Credit Card account or Line of Credit and using that account to disperse your monthly payments, turning your existing or new Credit / Velocity tool in to your new checking account. The concept must be changed and I will be your tour guide. I’ve been there, done that. My self and Anna are still in the process, but are near the end line of eliminating more then $29.000 in less then 6 months. We cut our interest rates in half with our FICO credit score soaring up by more than 70 points after 6 months in the process. 

In the presentation I prepared, I go through every small detail, so you won't have to guess

anything. I will lay out the importance of having a monthly budget plan and use this plan to choose the account or combined account to work on first, with the goal of eliminating the debt. Using H.E.L.O.C as a velocity tool is very efficient and the banks already have it in place.

The question will be, how to utilize it to reduce the Principal Mortgage Balance.


The beauty of all of this is that anyone with at least one source of steady income can do this. So let's empower the American Banking System to work for us, the American consumers.

Rapid Debt Reduction

Utilizing the line of credit on a monthly bases to allows us to use one account for our income and expenditures.

What you will learn:


1. History and Introduction to Velocity Banking and a new way to create cash-flow with your current income/ expenses.

2. What Velocity Banking is and how to properly implement this system.

3. Why people do not know about this system.

4. Tools and banking basics. Understanding simple interest calculations.

5. Amortized loans.

6. Lines of credit vs other types of credit/ loans. Which one is better.

7. How to recognize and avoid red flags and potential pitfalls.

You will be provided with with a full presentation

and be assisted step by step according to your schedule,

you won't be left with any questions unanswered. 

Glen V.

"Warm thank you, Sam for your hard work, dedication and for continuing your work for me. You really changed my financial life. Now I know how to repay my debts much more efficiently."

Kevin M.

"Sam had helped me reduce my debt dramatically and he did it with me step by step. Very grateful for his help."

Sky W.

"Don't know what I would have done without Bank Velocity and their accounting help. My small business was in need of serious help and they provided it. Thank You."

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