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The Real Tragedy and Truth About Our Leadership

Without diving too much into politics, The executive orders signed by our President, on Saturday 08/08/2020, while they are better than getting $0 of Federal aid for the Unemployed people nationwide, are so shortcoming and so little, considering the fact the government can print money at will. LITERALLY. ALL THEY HAVE TO DO, IS TO ASK (THROUGH THE TREASURY) THE FEDERAL RESERVE FOR A BOND, AN I.O.U. AND IN RETURN THEY WILL GET AS MUCH AS THEY NEED THE SAME MOMENT, IN CURRENCY.

Now when we ARE under attack, we, the people, literally the worse attack EVER, biological and Psychological warfare, they are joking between them on $200-$300 on a weekly base to the unemployed people, JUST TO CONTINUE THE FEDERAL $600 on weekly HELP TO THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, THE TAXPAYERS???? well, OMG....that's all I can say nice about this. THIS IS SHAMEFUL! a complete scheme fraud.

Just a very interesting FYI

The more we know, the better we can protect ourselves monetarily.

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