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The Economy Is Limping, but Wall Street Is Booming. how the heck this is happening?

So here is our reality. while companies are limping, wall street is thriving and reaching almost 30,000 levels. How they do it??????

THROUGH THE FEDERAL RESERVE AUCTION BONDS OFCOURSE!!!!!! The Government( treasury) is issuing those nice bonds auctions, that are being translated to currency to main commercial banks, Via the Federal Reserve. AS THIS IS THE ONLY WAY FOR NOW TO FLOURISH. for the fat cats...that is! THEY PRINT MONEY OUT OF THIN AIR LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO.

well, you may ask your self, what's the difference now?

the difference now is that we are in the middle of a crisis. a real crisis. for THE SMALL POP AND MOM, BUSINESSES NEED INFUSION OF THOSE $$$. now is that we are in the middle of a crisis. a real crisis. for THE SMALL POP AND MOM, BUSINESSES NEED INFUSION OF THOSE $$$, LIKE AIR TO BREATH! not to mention all these farmers, that lost millions of dollars, due to the pandemic from one reason or another. you can think of a million reasons:

Shortage of orders from closed restaurants, weather storms, not sufficient money injection to the PPP program to the small businesses.

Only the fear of the unknown should drive the stock market in one direction: down...

But in our reality, when billions of dollars are being issued by the Treasury to reassure the market that the " auctions bonds " will never stop, creating this illusion, of a bullish market

By the way, those bonds auctions are being held every day.

Here is the hypocrisy:

while the government is printing the currency into circulation, and between Un-employment and help to the American hurting people, they are arguing about $300 of extra weekly, to the states, for Unemployment. Also, they are arguing about the extension of, the Forgivable portion loans for very small businesses, 1-2 working peoples. and the list goes on and on...

What a sham! what a disaster.

Not many people know the real story behind the creation of money. the video I posted on my site, explains exactly the process. IT IS TIME FOR PEOPLE TO KNOW! TO GET EDUCATED! TO PROTECT THEMSELVES!

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