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Racism And Our Reality

Tonight I want to talk about our sad reality. thinking outside the box.

We live in a very uncertain reality. scary reality. shaky reality. sometimes it seems we lose a grip of what is good Vs evil. right from wrong and then we got Kenosha, Wisconsin. 7 shots IN THE BACK, INFRONT OF HIS 3 KIDS, WITH NO JUSTIFICATION WHAT SO EVER! Racism eats in the core values of a decent society. we lose it with our current administration. Facts matter. this is disgusting!! now what will happen in the storm of politics. To summarize it those ARE THE FACTS:

Two Wisconsin police officers were on leave Monday as state authorities investigate why a Black man was shot multiple times in the back as he entered the driver's side door of an SUV, officials said.

The man's three children -- 3, 5 and 8 -- were in the car, a family attorney said.

Identified by the governor as Jacob Blake, the man is in stable condition in an intensive care unit, according to attorney Ben Crump, who represents the Blake family. Crump posted a video of the Sunday evening shooting in Kenosha.

The footage spread across social media, sparking protests and leading county officials to institute a curfew that remained in place until Monday morning. Another will be instituted from 8 p.m. Monday until 7 a.m. Tuesday morning, according to the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department.

Mayor John Antaramian confirmed the National Guard has been called to the city. Troops will be focused on supporting the needs of local first responders and law enforcement "to protect critical infrastructure and cultural institutions," Gov. Tony Evers said in a statement.

Protesters Monday gathered at the Kenosha courthouse and came face-to-face with police in riot gear. An armored vehicle was also on scene and police threw gas into the crowd of protesters. Man who recorded Jacob Blake's shooting says he's traumatized and cannot sleep Kenosha police have asked the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation -- part of the state's Department of Justice -- to take over the investigation into the shooting. The findings will go to District Attorney Michael D. Graveley. His office will determine whether to bring any charges against the officers. Graveley said the investigation is in "its earliest stages." The shooting came as demonstrators continue to decry police violence in American cities, including the encounters that killed George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. The night before Blake's shooting, protests erupted in Lafayette, Louisiana, after police killed a Black man -- Trayford Pellerin, 31 -- outside a convenience store. In Kenosha, a city of 100,000 located on the Lake Michigan coastline between Chicago and Milwaukee, protesters overnight broke windows and sprayed graffiti at a Kenosha County administrative building, according to CNN affiliate WISN. Vehicles at a nearby auto dealership were torched, a fire was started at a county courthouse and officers in tactical gear formed a line to protect a public safety building, the station reported. Before the sun rose Monday, numerous dump and garbage trucks remained smoldering on the street after being set ablaze. The courthouse and administrative buildings were closed Monday, and all court hearings for the day are postponed, the county said on Facebook. "We believe in justice and therefore justice means for everyone. We will hold the police and the public accountable" Antaramian said during a press conference Monday. "What occurred last night in the city of Kenosha is unacceptable. Rioting and looting is something that is not acceptable to the community."

So these are the facts. terrible, just terrible. so embarrassing to our country. so shameful. the world IS watching us! Trump should apologize in front of the American people.

I am sorry to dive into too much into politics. but this hurts. really hurts, to see what's happening in our society. what's next. more violence? more police brutality? National guards will be called? we should be able to obey the law, EQUALLY. TO ALL AMERICANS. REGARDLESS OF SEX, SKIN COLOR, OR AGE. we are all equal. Or it ... should be?

I came to the USA, as an immigrant, hoping for a better, equal life. America was built on immigrants.

seems to me in the eyes of certain people, here, in the USA, black life DO NOT MATTER. they are violent, so violence should be the first option of police officers when trying to deescalate a situation THEY ARE CALLED IN. well, shame on them. go back to the police academy. learn better. educate yourself.

I hope that the officer who shot Mr. Blake, 7 times, will be judged accordingly and pay the price. otherwise, Tyranny, violence all over, will re-occur time and again, with no recourse of redemption. we need a change. we are going south.

I am still hopeful. very much so, I refuse to give up on us. The PEOPLE OF THE USA. we are resilient, we are strong, but we need to be together. one people. under one law. not one person's laws. no one is the "chosen one". that's dangerous talk. divisive. it will bring us to the brink of another civil war.


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