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Need more cash flow? well now its the time..

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Perfect timing for everything in life, there is a reason, why we are in our current stage in life. Our job is to determine the best course of action to rectify the f impact the latest Pandemic inflected on our life. PLEASE remember, you're not by yourself, even when it seems the clouds are getting darker. well, now it's time to get fresh new information.

Here, you will find daily news on our financial way of life In the USA and globally. mainly at home, because that's what you and I care about the most. our life, and financial well being. and trust me, they go "hand in hand". when we are struggling financially it affects every small piece in our life, touches our souls. changes us. when we don't have the debt rope tied in circles around our necks, we feel "alive". we feel more determined.

So here I am for all of you who are willing to listen, learn, AND act. take our current trends in the job market. small medium-size companies are opting in to telecommute. Google just announced they will do the same till June of 2021. you guys have more time, to take care of business. only this time it will be your business as well.

While in Washington they are still struggling to come up with a replacement to the CARE act, you are in the driver seat when you landed on my site. regardless of the unemployment benefits size, we need to structure our financial life and get the "remote control " back. how we do it... where to start.

It's Monday, 07/27 evening time in L.A. and I am writing to all of you, in hope that some will read, some will listen, and some will actually take action. when you know the "how-to" is so much easier. life has all of a sudden positive outlook. so stick around for our morning news, as I will try to update my blog, on a daily basis.

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