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Between turmoils and hope...suspense and positive, kind of a Calendar

So for today's blog, I want to dive deeper into our soul. Our Society's soul looks and feels grim. We are so torn and have so much information and misinformation from so many sources out there.

I want to share my thoughts and maybe get feedback from you.

U.S. coronavirus deaths pass 150,000, Boeing and GE report big losses, Congress grills big-tech CEOs and NASA prepares to launch its next mission to Mars.

Boeing yesterday reported a $2.4 billion loss in the second quarter and one of its suppliers, General Electric, posted a roughly $2 billion quarterly loss as revenue for both tumbled.

School districts that are planning to reopen are struggling to figure out what to do if a coronavirus outbreak hits—and how bad it would have to be to cause them to shut schools down again. So far, schools are getting little consensus from federal and state officials on how best to plan. 

A glimpse of good news maybe...

Mars Rover Launch: NASA is poised to launch its most ambitious robotic rover to Mars today, opening the next phase of exploration on the Red Planet.

So these are all facts. Not mentioning how connected "they" want us to be, through various electronic gadgets, that "they," say, it's for our own well-being, to keep track of our health. but also since everything is so connected to our iPhone/Android devices, we should be aware of the fact that we are traceable. who is sick, who is healthy, our weight, our hear-beats rate, and so many other private body indicators, that I feel it's nobody else business but ours? Do share your thoughts. we are all in this together, and only TOGETHER we can overcome any sickness, disease, outbreaks, injustice, and so forth.

Apart, which seems to me, the direction this administration wants us to be, we will be weakening our wellbeing and our souls. we got to stick together in this fight for us.

It seems to me this all past 6 months have been one big test for us. how shall we pass this test? Will this be our new normal we have to adjust to?

I think by taking care of our selves individually AND SHARING OUR STORIES, to one another, we will create bridges of larger communities, supporting each other, NO MATTER WHAT! divided we shall perish. we are all in this together. by remembering this we can defeat any type of invaders. from viruses to Mars aliens.

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