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  1. How to break free from the “9 to 5” routine. The light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. History  and introduction to velocity banking.

  3. What is velocity banking process?  Understanding cash flow, what is it?  How it affects you and your family?

  4. The importance of creating budget plan and updating it!

  5. New and exciting ways to create cash flow with your current income / expenses. Know you numbers: profit& loss.

  6. Why it is important to increase positive cash flow, and create passive income? Creating and increasing positive cash flow, on a monthly basis and as a result creating passive income.  It is all about the numbers.

  7. Why people don’t know about this system?

  8. Tools and banking basics. Understanding simple interest calculations.

  9. Amoritzed loans.

  10. Lines of credit vs. Other types of credit/ loans: which is better? How to leverage on credit and becoming financially independent, utilizing passive income?

  11. Red flags and potential pitfalls: how to recognize and avoid them?


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